Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ted Talk- Ken Kamler: Medical Miracle on Everest


  This is a ted talk done by Dr. Ken Kamler on his experience with an expedition which turned out to be one of the worst disasters in the history of Mount Everest.
  The disaster started when the group of climbers were on their way to the summit from campsite four,with good weather.  Suddenly the wind picked up and they were in the middle of a storm.  One of the two climbers that were farther up the mountain collapsed and was too weak to come back down.  The other climber that was with him did not want to leave him, so he stayed.  The group returned to the camp where the doctor treated the climbers for hypothermia, snow blindness and frostbite.  During all of this the climber (Beck Weathers) who had stayed with the dying man returned after two and a half days in the snow.  He had severe frostbite but was alive.  The doctor explains his theory on how the man was able to have the will power to survive and what he believes happened in the climbers brain using spect scan imaging.
  I enjoyed this Ted Talk because it described the struggles of climbing Mount Everest.  The doctor's ideas about how the brain works were also interesting.
  I recommend this article to anyone who enjoys hearing about an adventure.

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