Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Water is Unsafe to Drink


The main idea of the article is redeemed in the title, which is never drinking any water until it is de-contaminated. Water in the wild is a source of many bacteria and diseases, which may cause poisoning or death. Any water is not trusted to be healthy even if it appears fresh or clean. The origin of the river or lake is unknown; many animals urinate and produce feces, from mammals to birds and fish. Therefore, people are most likely drinking feces if water is not treated properly. Another bacteria source is dead animals all around the borders of the water bodies. The market way of de-contaminating water is using filters, but really, the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way is boiling the water. No matter where the location is, as long as the water is boiled, the bacteria will deteriorate or wear away.

“The Water is Unsafe to Drink” is a thought of all types of nasty human garbage and feces, which made me think of how dirty the water would be including the animal feces. I learned that the water can be looking fresh and crystal clear, but in reality it can be deathly poisonous. The source of bacteria is not only animals, but humans contribute in many ways. Due to this article; I will never take the risk to drink an unknown source of water without boiling it or de-contaminating it in a way or another.”The Water is Unsafe to Drink”.22 June 2011.Web.2 January 2014


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