Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Finnish candle stove
by Linda Gabris
 Rating ***
The Finnish candle stove is a easy read article that gives the reader a new option for making a cooking fire outside.
This article is a straight forward article with step by step instructions on how to make a Finnish candle stove. It discuses a few ways to build the stove as well as the necessary tools to build the stove. 
The article could go a little more in-depth of how to  set up the fire within the stove however it does explain in detail how to make the stove itself which is the most important part. 
The Finnish candle stove is a unique and genius idea that I would consider trying next time I want to cook outside. I would recommend this article to anybody who likes to cook over fires.

Gabris, Linda. "the finnish candle stove." Ontario Out of Doors Nov. - Dec. 2013: 19. Print.

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