Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Year-round in the artic
by Bjorn Dihle

Rating ***

Year round in the artic is a good read, that will having the reader thinking about all the life around them that they fail to see on a daily basis.
The article is about the author and his partner bens journey in the northern unhabituated parts of Alaska. Through his journey they encounter numerous species' of birds and mammals. Through the article they compare human life to the life of animals. As well as how animals can survive in places where we once believed to be inhabitable.
I enjoyed this article because it really made me think about how even though we can have equipment and gear that help us stay warm. There are parts of the world we can not possibly stay warm and inhabit, but just because we can not, does not mean birds and other mammals can not.
I would recommend this article to any one who likes to or would go winter camping in the northern parts of Alaska, north west territory's or the Yukon.   

Dihle, Bjorn. "year-round in the arctic." Bird Watching Dec. 2013: 25-29. Print 

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