Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Happy Camper: Menu Planning 101 By: Kevin Callan

Kevin Callan taught a class of college students in an outdoor adventure program. He thought that he would mostly be teaching the students how to build fires and navigating. However he found out he was wrong. Kevin noticed that the students were not very skilled in meal planning. He decided for their next trip he would make a challenge for them. The challenge was that they had to plan a meal of eight dollars maximum, it also had to be light weight and tasty. Kevin took his class to a bulk store to get their meals because they could find all of their ingredients for a cheaper price than a normal grocery store. Some foods that he suggested are lentils, rice, pasta, beans, soy grits, millet and more.

This article taught me a lot about what sorts of food to bring on a trip. On our hiking trip, my group packed way more food than we could eat. However I do not think that it is a necessity to go to a bulk store to find cheaper food. Next time I go on a trip like that I will be sure to keep this article in mind when planning the menu.        

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