Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dry It, You'll Like It

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Dry It ~ You’ll Like It! -Gen Macmaniman

    Dry It~You’ll Like It! is an outdoor cookbook focused on dehydrated recipes for camping.

The cookbook has lots of recipes, but it also has helpful tips for dehydrating different foods and for making your own recipes to bring on trips.

    I have tried a few of the recipes from the book, and they are all very tasty. I especially like the snacks like fruit leathers and beef jerky for hiking. I’ve also tried out my own recipes using tips from the book, with mostly good results. It has been fun experimenting with different marinades in jerky, and spices in a stir fry. I have been using this book for quite some time, but it has definitely helped me plan menus for quite a few camping trips.

Macmaniman. Gen. Dry It~ You’ll Like It!. Fall City, Washington. MacManiman Inc. June 1973. Print.

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  1. Great book and review. No further feedback required.