Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Smiley's Adventure (article 2)

The Smiley’s and The Committed Project
By Angel Galabrino

Rating: ****

This is an inspiring article about a young couple’s dream.

Janelle and Mark Smiley have ditched their lives away and gone adventuring. The outdoors experts have decided to attempt the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. They began the challenge in 2009, having already completed 40 of the 50 climbs. They capture their journeys with a camera mounted on their head as they try to reach the peak.

This article and video were truly inspiring, and at the same time depressing. It made me realize I could be doing so many cool things with my life but instead here I am rating their life changing experience, in less breathtaking scenery. Watching the montage has also made me realize that many tasks can be achieved with teamwork and motivation, pushing one another to their limit. It made me want to do some cool adventure while I’m still young, and explore life’s potential (as corny as it sounds).

The Smiley’s Adventure. Breathe Magazine 2013. Angel Galabrino. Jan 7th 2014.

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