Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Alpine Skiing for Beginners (article 1)

Alpine Skiing for Beginners
By Dave Brown

Rating: **

When the other says beginners, he means beginners.

This article highlights all the very basic knowledge and tips required for people who have minimal to zero knowledge about alpine skiing. Including, lessons, prices, and how to deal with chairlifts.

This article has made me wonder if discussing these topics is even necessary. To me, it isn’t needed to include a step-by-step process of riding the oh so frightening chairlift. After all, by the time the beginners arrive at the chairlift for the first time, there will already be many people who will help them conquer the task of getting to the top. Perhaps after all, the task seems very basic to me because I’ve done it countless times, but at a time this article would have actually helped.

Alpine Skiing for beginners. Ottawa Outdoors 2013.2014. Retrieved Jan 7th 2014.

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