Tuesday, January 21, 2014

    The ultimate first-aid Manual
    By Buck Tilton

      Being prepared for any injury is good, and a first-aid kit on your camping trip or in your daily life is a good thing. But you also have to know how to use it, and that's were this article comes in handy.

      To know how to use a first-aid kit is a skill that you must know if you are fan of camping, but for those that are new to camping or just want to learn how to use one. This is the best place to start. The article teachers you how to treat any kind of injuries and how to use the tools that are given to you, inside the kit. The article by Buck Tilton tells you what to do in a situation of; Minor wound, heavy bleeding, animal & insect bite, gastrointestinal illness, dental emergencies… All this things can happen on your trip, and that's why it's nice to know what to do in situations like these. Something that caught my attention was that, it tells you if you should head for help or stay when someone gets sick. Example; hypothermia, frostbite, muscle/bone injury… Buck Tilton gives examples of when to be worried about your friend and if you should continue your trip or not.

      This article taught me a lot about the first-aid kit and how it's supposed to be used. I will definitely think about caring a small kit with me the next time i go mountain biking or hiking.

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