Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter camping
By Geoff Irons

I chose this article because winter camping can be extremely dangerous if you are not well prepared and I think this article will help you be more prepared. This article starts off by talking about Pre-trip Planning like don't go alone, study maps, check the weather forecast and many more. Then it talked about the layering system it also states about key winter accessory’s, hats, gloves, socks ect. Then it discusses about sleeping in snow caves and igloos and how to make them.  

This article affected me by showing me how it could safe my life one day.  Knowing these tips about winter camping can be extremely helpful.  My favourite part was about the snow caves. The article shows how to build them. The snow caves is a lot like building quinces. I thought this was a very well informative article for anyone who would like and enjoy winter camping.



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