Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Seven Wilderness Survival Tips

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If you ever find yourself in a scary survival situation after going on a hike, bike, or canoe, it is important to follow theses 7 steps to survival when wandering into potentially dangerous areas.

Step one is not to panic. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation you should calmly assess your equipment and remain focused on task. Step two is to find markers or a position. If you know where you are it is easier to find a way back or to safety. Step three is to conserve energy and don’t rush. People often run around thinking they are close to a road or building, but often it is better to stay safe by going slow and only moving in the light. It is also important to build shelter if necessary while it is still bright out. Step four says to attempt a rescue call. Set up three of anything because three means distress. Whether that means three fluorescent jackets or three signal fires, just try to get three signals of rescue. Step five is if you are building shelter and fire, be conscious of your surroundings. The last thing you need in a survival situation is to start a forest fire. Step six is to locate efficient food sources. Make sure you are situated in an area that has berries, nuts, or other food sources nearby. This means any small wildlife as well. The last step is more of a list. A person should never go adventuring without taking with them the following; matches, hook and line or snare, compass and map, small food source, a mini first aid kit, and a multi-tool.

This article is very helpful when planning to go on school trips. It makes you double check that you have all your equipment and that you leave room for other emergency supplies. I will definitely take this article into account when planning personal kayak trips of my own.

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