Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips- Geoff Irons

Rating ****

This artical is about when you go winter camping, how to plan it and what clothing to wear and what to bring with you and what to look out for.

This artical is great for when you want to go winter camping it is very informative on how to be successful in winter camping and backpacking. It talks about tips on planning your trip before you go like, not to go alone and research the maps and the area you are going, check the weather forecast and to make sure that you inform other people when you are going and when you should be expected to be home for emergencies encase you do not come home. It talks on how to dress when winter camping like what type of layers and boot to wear and winter accessories (hate mitts etc.) The artical describes what you should pack in your backpack and some essentials like: first aid, hydration, nutrition and navigation. It describes how to make camp in the snow and the different types on shelters that you can use, along with what safety gear you should bring with you.

This artical has made me learn how much there is to take into consideration when going backpacking in the winter. I think this artical is great and I recommend it to those you plan on going winter camping, it provides you with almost everything that you need to know .

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