Sunday, February 23, 2014

A trip of a lifetime – Rodney Brintle

Rating: ***

A trip of a lifetime is a simple easy read that was about a teenager on a trip to Canada with his parents.

The story is about a 16 year old teenager from Kansas City who visits Canada with his parents for a hunting trip.   They saved for a long time for the trip and it was the first time for his mother and him to join their father on a hunt.  When they got off the plane, he started fishing right away.  After fishing, they started their bear hunt.  Shortly after they started their bear hunt, from his tree stand he saw 325 pound bear on the edge of the creek.  He aimed, fired, and killed it with his father’s gun.  His father was so proud that he gave him the gun that he shot his first bear with.

I connected with the story because I am the same age as the boy however we are different because I see different kinds of wildlife and I remember seeing a black bear at my friends cottage a couple of years ago.  He would not see much wildlife in Kansas City.  I learned about a good wilderness company in Ontario where you can go hunting and fishing.  The story didn’t really inspire me but it sounded like it would be fun to go hunting in that area to see the beautiful scenery and all of the wildlife.

Brintle,  Rodney.  "A Trip of a Lifetime."  Wilderness Air.  Website:  February 2014

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