Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cross-country Skiing Primer – Magi Scallion
Rating: ***

This article is very informative and explains well the fundamentals for both skate skiing and cross country skiing if you are a beginner. 

The article will teach you everything from what the basics, to what to wear. It will differentiate the two different types of skiing (cross country and skate) in a very detailed explanation.  After reading this section, you will know how to wax them, the size of the equipment (boots, poles and skies) and in what conditions you should perform each.  After, it will give you small tips that will help you get a good start.  These techniques are essential if you would like to reach an intermediate level. The next sections will describe what you should wear while skiing.  It makes a good point by comparing it to what you would wear when running.

This article affects me because both my cross country skiing and skate skiing technique are very sloppy. This will help me go through the fundamentals while I ski. This article makes me reflect on my mistakes I make while I ski.  It says that you should wear what you wear while you go on a run in the winter.  When I go skiing, I usually put on a big and heavy winter jacket and this is without a doubt a mistake.  I learnt to utilize more on techniques and less on just using physical force to increase speed. For example it tells you to put weight on your heel when you have a straight knee, to ensure that our speed doesn’t decrease. This article isn’t much of an inspiration, but it will change my behavior for the way I ski in the future.


Scallion, Magi. “Cross-country Skiing Primer.” No publication date given. Web. 22 Feb. 2014

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