Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Aid for Drowning Victims

First Aid for Drowning Victims-by Anoop Madhavan

I Chose this article considering that our grade are going on a canoe trip later this semester; I think  it’s a relevant topic. The purpose of the article is to inform you how to save a drowning victim  without putting yourself at danger.

The article explains how experienced and non-experienced people can perform this rescue procedure. For inexperienced people,  the three methods explained are reach, throw and row. The most important part is to only go into the water if you were trained for these procedures. For more experienced people, they would apply the following methods mentioned before, after a set or procedural steps. The article explains how to treat the victim if possible after checking on their current medical condition. Examples of what you would check before any procedure is to see if the victim is breathing, coughing, or whether they are conscious.

Keeping in mind that we have our canoe trip coming up, I think that this article would be useful. The author informs the reader how to handle such a situation concisely. Hopefully, such a situation won’t occur so we wouldn't even need to apply such a procedure.

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