Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Bear Necessities:

 Don’t Panic, Don’t Run, Don’t Climb


I gave this article a 4 star rating as it caught my attention by the title and it was informative and entertaining to read. 

The article was about what to do when you encounter a bear.  The author writes about the misconceptions of why bears attack.  Generally if you make noise when hiking and keep your distance the bear will mind its own business.  The author also explains that you should not be fearful if you stumble upon a bear.  Experts agree your best defense is using your brain.  As well, the article explains what you need to know before you head out for a hike or to camp.

In conclusion, this article was a very interesting read and I highly recommend if you are interested in the outdoors, you should read this article.


Brown, Dave.  Ottawa Outdoors and Travel Magazine, March 2013 Edition.!pastmagazines/c1diw

Ryan Barnett

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