Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring snowshoeing -By Debbie McKeown 

Rating: ****

Spring snowshoeing is a short and sweet article about snowshoeing in the spring. It is easy to understand and relate to.

In this article, Debbie McKeown talks about how much she enjoys snowshoeing in British Colombia.  She introduces the subject by saying that snowshoeing is an easy sport to adapt to and not hard to learn. You learn how to pack properly and how to dress for long days of snowshoeing. You also learn how to prepare for a day and think of the different possibilities and circumstances a day could have (ex. Avalanges, etc) She has been doing it for the past several years and loves it. She recommends it for any age as she says it isn't an expensive thing to do. "If you can walk, you can snowshoe." Debbie states.

Living in Canada where it snows a lot, this article has helped me because if i am ever bored i can go out and try this new sport. It also fasantates me that if i want to go out for a hike in winter and not end up knee deep in the snow I can just put on snow shoes and go for an adventure!

McKeown, Debbie. Spring snowshoeing. Last updated: April 2009. Webpage:

-Emily Tomlinson

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