Monday, February 24, 2014

Facing Up To Zombies In The Winter - Bruce Watts

Rating: ***

This article was funny, lighthearted, as well as informative. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, humorous, and read-able article on what to bring in a survival kit.

The article begins by discussing how camping effectively helps you survive a zombie apocalypse, as the cold harsh temperatures can render a zombie useless. But just in case they were to attack while camping, you need to have the best survival kit possible. He goes on to list all the items that he feels are required in a survival kit. Many of these we discussed in class, such as: matches, a multi tool, space blanket, and a sleeping bag just to name a few.

I enjoyed reading this article. Not only was it fun and easy to read, it was quite informative and helped you construct a good survival kit. I would've liked if he had gone into an explanation on some of his choices, as well as maybe made the list smaller, seeing as a survival kit shouldn't be a huge bag you have to lug around. while I understand that it wasn't actually meant for zombies, I would've appreciated if he talked about more real life applications. Overall, I enjoyed reading the article and found it very informative, but it could've had some improvements.

Watts, Bruce. Ottawa Outdoors. Facing Up to Zombies in the Winter. November 2013.!pastmagazines/c1diw

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