Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Article Assignement #1
The Canadian Stroke – Paul Mason

Rating: ***
I am very new to articles that involve the outdoors but, for my first ever read in an article about the outdoors, it was very interesting and informative on one of the most efficient but difficult canoeing strokes out there. 
This article is about the Canadian stroke opposes to the J-Stroke. The Canadian stroke is a much more efficient stroke, but is much more difficult to grasp than the standard J-Stroke. They say to master the Canadian stroke could take up to a few years, depending on how frequently you canoe or if you have the “natural skill”. A true Canadian stroke is a pinnacle of perfection in motion. 
This article has taught me that if I work hard and take advice from others that I could be a very efficient and successful paddler when our outdoor-Ed class begins our canoeing unit. This article has made me think about different variety of paddling and which one could be the most effective for when our class goes on our lengthy 10km canoe trip. I’ve learned that I may not grasp the Canadian stroke anytime soon, but if I keep giving my best effort every time then I will surely get it eventually. This article is very inspirational because if you read between the lines it's pretty much saying that only the very best paddlers are able to perform this stroke. Knowing myself, I like to be the best in almost everything I take part in and if I am able to perform this stroke I know that I will be a much more advanced paddler than for a good part of the rest of the class. This article will definitely make me change my behavior because it teaches me that the only way to improve is with patience and experience something that generally doesn’t cross my path but it will on this occasion and will teach me a great life lesson. 

One day i hope to use this new technique not only in our outdoor ed class, but as well at my cottage so i can impress all of my older cousins and receive a little more respect from them hahaha. As I count down the days until we start canoeing, I will also be counting down the days until I can try out the famous Canadian Stroke. 

Mason. Paul. “The Canadian Stroke.” Ottawa Outdoors & Travel Magazine. David Brown. Fall 2013. Ottawa Outdoors and Travel Magazine. Independently Published. Dave Brown. Fall 2013. (11). 

Josh Thomas 

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