Sunday, March 2, 2014

Controversial Bear Hunt

Controversial Bear Hunt
by Kathleen Clark

Rating: ****

This article is a great in depth and un-biased look into a problem many northern communities are facing in Canada. This problem is bears not having enough wild game to eat so they look into towns to search for food.

A pilot solution was given, this is a restricted spring time black bear hunt for certain hunters only. The hope for this would be to lower the amount of nuisance black bears coming to local towns for food. This has re-lit the feud that ended in 1999 when spring bear hunting was made illegal.  

Two sides to this problem are shown in this article, one being the environmentalist groups and the other being the provincial governments. Environmentalists are stating that it is inhumane and will not stop bears from entering towns. Provincial Governments are saying the opposite, that a controlled hunt will indeed stop bears from entering towns and potentially harming citizens.

I found this article very informative and an intriguing article on a topic I hadn't heard of before. I especially liked how the writer covered both sides of the issue equally, never leaning to the left or right of the situation. All in all this was a very great article and I do recommend reading this as it is a good topic.

Kathleen Clark. "Controversial Bear Hunt." Canadian Geographic Online. January/February 2014. web <>

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