Monday, March 24, 2014

From Sea to Sky- Bryen Dunn

Q&A with Adam van Koeverden
From Sea to Sky- Bryen Dunn

Rating- **** Excellent

If you didn’t like or ever heard of Adam van Koeverden you will like him now.  Adam van Koeverden isn’t just a famous Canadian, world and Olympic sprint kayaking champion. 
This article is a Q&A with Adam van Koeverden about his decision behind attempting Kilimanjaro, some of the most outstanding moments of their climb, memorable Canadian outdoor adventure pursuits, and what his future holds.  During the Kilimanjaro hike he spent five nights in a damp tent, 75 km hiking with a heavy pack raising funds for Right to Play.  He has gone biking all over Canada.  He is waiting for the challenges of what is to come in the future.

Adam van Koeverden is an exceptional man who gives back to his community after letting him compete for a medal in the Olympics for his country.  I believe everyone should give back to their community at least once.

Dunn, Bryen. Q&A with Adam van Koeverden’ “From Sea to Sky” Our Guide to Your Backyard. Spring 2013 Page 10. VOL.5, NO.1

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