Monday, March 24, 2014


Rating: ****
SKIJORING AT ESCAPADE ESKIMO is a simple, easy read about a relatively new sport called skijoring at Escapade Eskimo.
The article is about a company (Escapade Eskimo) that has introduced a new sport called Skijoring.  It is basically cross-country skiing with a little assistance from a dog, pulling out front.  It is a popular sport because there is minimal equipment required.  You just need the basic equipment for cross-country skiing as well as a tug rope and a strong, healthy dog.  This place is located just outside of Ottawa around scenic Otter Lake in Quebec.  They have many trails that you can take so you can have a very scenic, enjoyable day. 
I can connect with the story because I live in the Ottawa area but I have been to this area in Quebec a few times, particularly Otter Lake.  It has some beautiful scenery.  Since taking outdoor ed last year, I have learned to cross-country ski and enjoy it.  I have two dogs and I’m pretty sure that the male dog would be perfect for this sport because he is strong, fast and loves to run. 
Dunn, Bryen.  “Skijoring at Escapade Eskimo”.  Adventura,  (Quebec) Volume 5, No. 4 Winter 2013.  Print.

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