Thursday, March 27, 2014

Go camping, sleep better- By Allen MacArtney

Go camping, sleep better- By Allen MacArtney

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This article is based around how unnatural lights (computers, phones, etc.) are disrupting our internal clocks and how camping for a week can fix the problem.

Naturally our bodies create a chemical called Melatonin, which prepares our bodies for sleep and helps us make up alert in the morning.  Naturally our bodies will sense the sun going down and start to produce Melatonin making us tired.  Once the sun starts rising our bodies begins to slow down production of the chemical.  The unnatural light produced by electronics throws this chemical production off balance, which in turn makes us more tired in the morning.  An experiment was done which had a group of people go camping for a week without electronics. A saliva sample was taken at the start and end of the experiment. The samples proved that by spending a week without electronics will allow your body to create the right amount of Melatonin and in turn allows you to sleep better.

This article has shown me that it is true that electronics can actually cause a bad sleep.  Before I wasn’t aware that the body requires a set time for the sun to go down to have a better sleep. From now on I will limit the amount of electrical light I se once the sun goes down.

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