Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beaver cuts down tree, traps own tail

Beaver cuts down tree, traps own tail - Larry Moore

Article 2 by Josh Wood

Rating: ***

As I was searching for an article to write about this particular one about a beaver being trapped by a tree he was cutting down caught my interest. I was also pleased to find out the beaver was released without being harmed.

To summarize, Officer Matt Hunt of the DNR Division of Wildlife received a call from a passersby who reportedly found a beaver caught by his own tail close to the area bike trail. When he arrived he found the beaver calmly sitting there with his tail appearing to be stuck inside the ground. It seems that the tree he was chewing fell off to one side and landed on his tail. The officer restrained the beaver and sawed through the tree to set him free. The beaver didn’t put up much of a fuss, probably from exhaustion of trying to free himself on his own. Once released, the beaver scurried away and disappeared into the brush.

I personally found this to be an interesting article simply because it’s an out of the ordinary situation. I also like knowing the beaver was freed and could live on instead of being trapped there to meet his cruel and untimely demise by mother nature’s hand.

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