Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day Hiking Essentials

Day Hiking Essentials

Things to bring along on your adventure

By Outdoor Adventure Canada

Rating:              ***

It is important to be prepared and to bring the right equipment when you are hiking.

The article, Day Hiking Essentials, is about being prepared for day hiking for all seasons and gives you tips on the most important things to bring. The writer emphasizes the need for clean water, proper clothing and footwear, other items like first aid, sunscreen, pocket knife and maps, healthy food that will give you energy, backpack and camera. The writer properly introduced and described all the items you need in a clear and logical way.

In the past I have always worn proper clothing and brought water when going on a day trip. We usually also have snacks and camera. The article made me realize that I should sometimes bring other items and that planning is important. Even a day hike can turn dangerous or your day can be ruined, if you don’t have the proper equipment.

Always be prepared when going on a day trip, because you never know what could happen or what you might need to be safe and to enjoy your day.

Outdoor Adventure Canada
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By Nathan Cyr

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