Saturday, April 19, 2014

Camp Cooking Tips and Tricks

Camp Cooking Tips and Tricks – Gary Benton

Rating - ***

          This article is from an outdoor survival site that offers many survival tips when in the wilderness. The article I have chosen to report on explains the different varieties of cooking in the wilderness and offers some tips on how to make your trip more enjoyable, depending on how much you pack, types of food, and ways to cook it.

            The article begins with a scenario in the wilderness. It is raining during a thunderstorm and it is late in the evening. One could eat chips, or other packed foods, but nothing quite compares to a full meal cooked over a fire. The article then launches into the different factors you need to consider when camp cooking; such as size of wood, size of fire, cooking time, etc. It is important to have planned what you will cook, and to know how to cook it properly. It is also important to think preemptively about what you will pack. Unneeded weight is torture on a trip and can be easily avoided by planning ahead. The article also offers many different ways to consume your meal as well as methods of cooking things; such as a skillet, Dutch oven, grill, and uniquely, aluminum foil.

            I found this article a very valuable read, especially since we have a hiking trip coming up soon. It’s made me consider packing certain foods over others, and to make sure we plan ahead exactly how we plan to cook each meal, method we will use to cook it, and how long it will take to cook. This article offers many tips that I’ll keep in mind when creating my meal plan for our future hiking trip.

            I recommend reading this article if you have any doubts about what you should pack on our upcoming trip, and if you wish to read it you may see the citation below.

 Benton, Gary. “Camp Cooking Tips and Tricks.” Simple Survival. Benton, Gary. Circa 2004, April 19 2014.

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