Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Azerbaijan to attend European Orienteering Championships 2014

On April 9th-16th the European Orienteering championships are being held in Portugal, where Azerbaijan will be competing for the first time ever.

Azerbaijan's team will consist of five athletes from around the country. They will be competing in long and middle distance and sprint competitions. The championship will bring together athletes from 30 different countries. The games have been going on since 1962 and have been biennially since 2000.

For those who don't know, orienteering is a sport that combines physical and mental elements. The basic idea in orienteering is to proceed from start point to finish line by visiting a number of control points in a predetermined order with the help of map and compass. To chose the best route the orienteers look for the different terrain they have to overcome. The winner is the team that gets the fastest time to complete the course.

I found this article rather interesting because I had no idea that there was a European Orienteering championships. The article gave a good description on what orienteering was. I hope that Azerbaijan competes well in there first ever games and nice weather for everyone orienteering through out the games.


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