Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Canoeing Safety

Canoeing safety
Rating: ***

This article is a good article for a beginner canoeist since it is a simple article to help you out with safety.

In this article you can learn simple tips like keep your bags low down in the centre of the canoe and not to stand up so you don’t tip. Another tip is if you have to stand up make sure you always have 3 points of contact with the canoe. These tips are very helpful to our class since we will be starting canoeing soon and some people may have forgot some of the basics. This article also recommends some more advanced tips like to buy some floatation bags to attach to the canoe and to try and use stabilizing strokes in rough water.

I somewhat enjoyed this article but it is very short and simple for those who don’t like reading like me. It was somewhat enjoyable since the tips are tips that i will actually use in the near future. It is a simple article that gets to the point about how to stay safe in the water.

I recommend anyone planning to canoe should read this article since it may be able to keep them safe or even alive.

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