Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kenyan runner in Alaska loses feet to frostbite

 Kenyan runner in Alaska loses feet to frostbite- Yereth Rosen

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   If you were attending a university knowing that you were a strong key member of their track team, you would make sure to take of yourself to keep healthy and be physically able to continue competing with the team right? Well Marko Cheseto from Kapenguria Kenya was not careful enough.

   Marko Cheseto was attending the University of Alaska as a NCAA runner who was studying nursing and nutrition. On November 6th 2011, Mark left campus during an Alaskan storm. Due to heavy winds, frigid temperatures and loss of sight because of the blowing snow, Marko got lost. He was missing for 48 hours while there was a search party out looking for him. Marko was able to get himself back to campus after being lost for two days. He was hypothermic and had severe frostbite. Due to the severe frostbite on both of his feet, they had to amputate both of the NCAA runner’s feet. Marko Cheseto was going to be released from the hospital and had been getting set up for months of rehabilitation. Cheseto had hopes of being able to run again, be able to give back to those who helped look for him and also eventually go back to his home town to work in the field that he had been studying for.

   This article really made the lesson of knowing your surroundings set in. You need to know where you are in the world and what the weather is like when you plan on heading outside for any reason. If he had of thought about the weather conditions before he went outside during a storm, his whole incident could have been prevented. It is extremely unfortunate for him, but would send out a good lesson to himself and everyone who heard about the story to be aware of what is going out outside your window.

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(Mackenzie Burns)

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