Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Facing up to Zombies in Winter

By : Bruce Watts
Rating: **** of *****
Facing up to Zombies in Winter is a humorous article about proper equipment for winter camping, with a little bit of zombie apocalypse survival thrown in. The article provides a long list of equipment that features suggestions such as: road flares, drinking water, a knife or multitool, freeze-proof food in mouse proof containers, and solar battery packs.

The equipment list provides good suggestions of equipment for short trips as well as possibilities for emergency planning. Although a zombie would freeze solid in the winter, the humor of the article made it more fun to read, as well as providing incentive to remember the tips. All in all, the article was well written, enjoyable and helpful.

Watts, Bruce. "Facing up to Zombies in Winter". Ottawa Outdoors & Travel Magazine. Winter Issue. Pg. 48.

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