Sunday, April 6, 2014

Food, Gear and Beer in the Grand Canyon

Dana Clark

This short article suggests a fun way to kick the winter blahs for runners all over.

The author of this article suggest heading away from this long over drawn winter and taking a quick jogging vacation to the Grand Canyon. Along with prime spots and trails to start your run on it outlines the gear you should bring, and precautions you should take. It highlights that in the canyon the weather changes drastically from top to bottom, and the trails are six to eight miles long and descends a total of four to five thousand feet; so take the proper precautions!  The relative cheapness of this trip (minus airfare) is also highlighted, from hotel/camping rates, park fees, and even beer prices (but only if you are of legal drinking age does that last one apply).

I enjoyed the general carefree feel and spontaneous adventure/vacation idea this article sparks. Being a runner myself this article peaked and held interest as the idea of running down such an a natural phenomenon grew and held in my head. The only critique I have is the simplicity at which this runcation  is approached. Down to the bare bones it is a very easy set up, but it gives the impression that anyone that runs around the block can do this. Theoretically they can, but the almost constant sunshine, heat, and humidity of the canyon can become very dangerous very fast. As long all the risks that are involved in doing a canyon run are prepared for this is one of the most ideal quick getaways I could think of, not to mention if running isn't your thing hiking the canyon is just a bit slower but an equally great vacation.

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