Thursday, April 3, 2014

Staying Calm

 Don't Look Down

by Steve Casimiro 

rate: ***

This is an interesting article about a man who climbs the summit without crampons, water or a pack

 It was a normal day of skiing for Steve Casimiro. He was on Mt Hood for a ski introduction, getting bored of running laps he and a couple of people decided to climb the mountain on foot and then ski down. he tells us in the article that he didn't recognize the risk or danger in hiking up the hill.on that mountain there had been many deaths due to storms lasting for days and that people usually made a big deal about climbing this mountain because of the danger. Steve simply says just because you're in a place with danger doesn't mean you're in danger its best to just take one step at a time 

From reading this article I've learnt that if I was to ever get stuck in that situation, I should just slow down and think of my options. There is no point in letting your mind get the best of you, being scared and anxious wont help anything. This article has given me more perceptive as to how to handle certain situations. When getting scared of worried the best thing to do is think of your options and think about what you can do. Steve says that when he adopted the "one step at a time" approach, things were a lot more manageable.

"the daily pow: don't look down" -Steve Casimiro. Adventure Journal. april 3 2014. <> 

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