Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to alleviate or, better yet, avoid an encounter with poison ivy.

By Josh Piven

Knowing how to avoid poison ivy is essential in ever hiking situation. But if you don’t know how to avoid it, it could be extremely challenging to avoid. Once you have poison ivy you’re going to wish you knew how to avoid it.

This article explains what to do when you come in contact with poison ivy, also how to avoid the plant entirely. The article recommends staying away entirely with any three leaved plants as there probably poisonous such as poison oak and ivy. Another way to avoid coming into contact is by wearing hiking boots and long soaks. If you didn't follow these rules the author recommends not scratching as it will spread the oils making the infection worse. As soon as possible run the area under cold water and wash hands and clothes to keep it from spreading. It may take an hour to a day for it to develop. But trust me you'll know when you have it its hard to miss.  

I found this article extremely useful. This information will greatly help me. As at least once a summer when my family goes on our annual hiking trip there is always the question “is that poison ivy” or “how do I stop the itching.“ I finally have the information on what and how to do it. I have had poison ivy before something i hope ill never have again and with the information given from this article, I will now know what to look for and how to treat it. I’m looking forward to testing this information on our up coming hiking trip at Frontenac Park.

    Josh, Piven “How to alleviate or, better yet, avoid an encounter with poison ivy"                  Scouting Magazine (March 2014):

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