Sunday, April 13, 2014

Get Hooked on Nature

TEDx Talks: Get Hooked on Nature - Ben Klaskey

Rating: ***

Get Hooked on Nature, the TED Talks by Ben Klaskey, shows the world how the outdoors is the solution to many of life’s problems and how easy it is to get there.

Klasky’s presentation shows the viewers statistics about kids going outdoors and real life scenarios. Ben Klasky tells us about his mission to get kids hooked on nature. Each year he allows kids all over America to get a chance at experiencing the outdoors for themselves. He tells us how he used to take kids from Harlem and Chinatown out on trips. Klasky said that when picking them up, he could hear gunshots down the street, but the kids didn't even react. In the woods however, they constantly feared sounds thinking there was a bear nearby. Klasky then goes on to tell us the story of his friend, Juan Martinez, and how he overcame adversity by joining the school’s “Ecoclub”.

This presentation has taught me a few things about the importances of being outside. I now know that kids actually spend less time outside than a prison inmate, and that going outside everyday will ensure that you get proper vitamins and put you in a better mood. Even though Klasky is unclear with the topic of his career and the names of programs that he supports, his presentation will definitely get me going outside more often.

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