Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meal Planning for Backpackers
Unknown author
Rating: ****
This article provides many tips on how to pack what food when you are going on a hiking trip with a backpack.
Meal Planning for Backpackers is an article that provides many helpful tips on what food is the right food to bring on a trip. They offer meal choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they tell you what not to bring. They also indicate different statics that show you how many calories hikers tend to burn and how much food they consume in a day. They give tips on how much food you should bring as well and they tell you to pack for an extra day in case of emergency.
Overall, this article was very helpful. I will be sure to use their tips when our class goes on the hiking trip at the end of the month. They gave very good meal suggestions and very good tips as well. I will be sure to show my group this article so we can pack the best and right amount of food we will need for our hiking trip.

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