Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Kayak With Your Dog
By: Dawn Celapino
Rating: ***
This article provides many tips on how to train your dog to stay in a kayak. It also provides tips on the best ways to start out when training your dog for the first time.
This article is about how to kayak with your dog, as explained in the title. It gives many tips for how to train your dog to stay in the kayak and many ways to ensure your dog does not jump out of the kayak. The article also provides safety tips for your dog encase he or she decides to jump out of the kayak. Some of the tips provided in the article include get a PFD, get familiar with the kayak, start out on flat water, take a friend and stick together.
Overall, I found this article to be useful. As a family, we would always try to kayak with my old dog but never found a good way to keep her calm and stay in the kayak but with these tips, I will be sure to try them out on my new dogs and see if they work.

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