Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Minnetonka Couple's Dream Canoe Trip Goes Wrong

Minnetonka couple's dream canoe trip turns into nightmare 

A three week canoe trip for a couple goes terribly wrong. Even though the couple did the same trek a decade ago , they could of never truly expected what happened on their trip this time.

Elaine and Dick Barber were going on a three week canoe trip which started on Basswood River. After getting through the rapids in Quetico Provincial Park the couple had a decision to make , either stick to the left where the water was high and fast or stay closer to the right where the water looked much more calm. They decided to stay to the right. Then suddenly the water "dropped like a waterfall" as Elaine said and took Dick and her down. The canoe capsized leaving them both in the cold and frigid water. She immediately swam to shore but Dick couldn't move. Dick went under and never came back. Before reaching shore she went back to the canoe to find her bags in which she had an emergency locator. When she got back to shore with her bags she got into dry clothes, set up a tent and spent the night wondering if she should have gone and tried to save him. In the morning she used her distress signal again in within 20 minutes a rescue team were able to get her. 

This article has made me think about how easy water conditions can change on you and how the cold can really affect you and how quickly it does. I learned that it is always important to be prepared for the worst situations, in this case she brought a signal locator which ended up being the reason she got out of the park. This also shows that as long as you stay calm there is a better chance that you will prevail in a situation like this. 

Ryan Burtch 


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