Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saddled With Trouble - Ryan Haines

Rating: ***

This article is about a group of men who decided to go on a hunting expedition. The writer is reflecting on the many decisions that causes conflicts and what they should have done instead.

Their trip was to the Northern Rockies in October. They had some rental horses and were prepared to have a long and successful hunt. They first made a mistake in judgement when they didn't their horses tied together. They soon realized that horses would wander off at night and that they would run away at the sound of a rifle or the scent from bear tracks. This wasted lots of time and energy for the men when they could have been hunting. They also realized that horseback hunting was more work than they had originally expected, as the time it took them to attach all of their gear to the horses and saddle them up was close to three hours. On the positive side of the trip, they had exceptional hunting in the region that they were in, and returned with more than 450 pounds of meat. The weather was exceptional and the experience priceless, which made up for the errors that they made.

I liked this article because it is an excellent example of how when you don't come prepared for an excursion, you pay the price eventually. I think that these men didn't predict the erratic behaviour that the rental horses had, which was their biggest mistake on their trip. Although this caused a lot of issues, they were able to deal with them and push forward anyway. These men showed that if you are experienced enough in the outdoors you can enjoy your time even when some things don't go as planned.

Haines, Ryan. "Saddled With Trouble" Outdoor Canada Fall 2013

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