Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outdoor adventure industry lacks oversight, victims lack recourse
By Megan Griffith-Greene

Rating: *****

This article highlights the many risks and dangers involved in participating in outdoor activities. In Canada alone, there are a growing amount of accidents in outdoor activities. This is said to be due to the lack of safety precautions and negligent behavior seen among participants and supervisors. However, because of the wavers that companies have you sign before participating, it is nearly impossible to win a law suit if an injury occurs. This article pays heavy attention to the lack of oversight for the national tracking of accidents. They are trying to stir the conversation of if the necessary safety precautions are really being taken in outdoor activities in Canada.

We are very privileged to be living in an area where we are able to take advantage of the great outdoors. However, this article helps us to put things into perspective. Whenever we are participating in an activity where risks and dangers are involved, we must always be prepared with the necessary skills and safety procedures. It is important to remember that while taking risks may give us an exciting rush of adrenaline, things can always go wrong.

I recommend this article to anyone who actively participates in outdoor activities where the risk level is high or even low. It will help them to see that bad things can happen when we are not prepared. Thus, when participating, we should always take necessary steps towards ensuring a safe and fun activity.

Griffith-Greene, Megan. "Outdoor Adventure Industry Lacks Oversight, Victims Lack Recourse." Weblog post. CBC News. N.p., 06 Mar. 2014. Web. 09 Apr. 2014. <>.

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