Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rating: ****
I found this article to be short but sweet. It talks about a few of the vital factors that one must consider when planning food for a camping trip. The author speaks about considering the length of the trip you are planning, how much activity you will be doing, how much room you have to store this food and to consider the environmental conditions you may have. For example, if you will be doing lots of movement and activity, it may be smarter to prepare meals beforehand that will be simple and quick to prepare, but will still provide you with lots of energy. The author also gave suggestions as to which type of foods may be appropriate for the conditions. If one is aware that there will be lots of rain, and a fire will be difficult to start, it may be in ones best decision to bring food that does not require heat. 
These are only some of the few suggestions given through the article. They are things that anyone going on a camping trip must consider. This article may seem to be obvious reminders to some, but it is always important to get different input to contribute to the decision making process.

I recommend this article to anyone who is planning on going on a camping trip. This article is especially important to our class as we will have to prepare a meal plan for our group for our canoe trip. This article is a helpful reminder that time and thought is required when preparing our meals, and in order for our meal plan to be successful we should consider the different suggestions given in this article.

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Tamika Richer

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