Monday, May 12, 2014

Article Assignment #3

Rating: ***

Senja Scenics- Frode and Vivian Wiggen

The beauty of Mother Nature is a compelling story in itself. To be able to capture set beauty is another skill in its own. Nothing could possibly even compare to the uniqueness that Mother Nature presents us with every day.

Frode and Wivian Wiggen is a married couple that live on Senja, the second largest island in the country of Norway. This couple is not your ordinary city type of people. They do not enjoy the big crowds of the big city; instead they enjoy much more of the solidarity of kayaking and photography in the beautiful Greenland. The couple has no fear. They go kayaking into the cold traitorous waters of the north no matter what season of the year.  The couples say it is one of the most beautiful sights that have ever crossed their old aging eyes! “This cannot be measured with money. To experience this means so much more than having an expensive car or a huge luxury house. This experience we will remember the rest of our life. We are very lucky that we can do this together as a couple,” says the couple. We can really sense the strong passion that this couple has for their everyday activities as well as each other. Truly an inspiration.

This article has affected me in deeper way than other articles. It really showed me that there is true beauty outside out of our great country of Canada.  This article has peaked my interest so much that one day I wish to travel up to Greenland and take the same kayaking path to see this undercover wonder of the world! This article has me wondering what type of hidden wonders does earth have in store for us as well possibly even outside of our planet and deeper into space. I actually learnt in this article that kayaking in the north during the winter is actually a activity people do which is pretty amazing and gives you a variety of different activities to take part in. This article is a great inspiration to show many people that the north is a gigantic unexplored terrain that people do not give enough to credit too. It truly is a beautiful place to see! This will change my behavior to give the north an actual chance of sight seeing instead of going to the same old same old vacation destination that is no longer appealing to the eye.

One day I hope to go explore into the north just like Frode and Wivian Wiggen and to live my life just like theres.

  Wiggen, Frode and Vivian. "Senja Scenics." Coast & Kayak Apr. 2014: 8-9. Print.

Josh Thomas

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