Saturday, May 17, 2014

Canoe Tips Carry

Merrimack Canoes

Canoe Tips Carry is a fairly informative article that provides many detailed techniques how to make carrying a canoe as easy as can be. 

The article goes through the basic step by step process, how to pick up the canoe, carry it with ease, and how to put it down. As the article progresses, a wider range of  carrying techniques are developed, such as the alternative lift, the single person lift, and the two paddler lift. Each different method explains the pros and cons, and the various dangers that could come along with it. It also explains how to lift the canoe if you're by yourself , noting that it could be slightly dangerous and they recommend that at least 2 people assist in lifting the canoe, while the more, the better. 

Overall this article assisted me in learning some new techniques, especially how to pick up a canoe if I'm ever by myself. It was an easy read since it provide very detailed step by step instructions that were clear and very understandable. I feel that this article could be very useful, especially for the upcoming canoe trip, and I'm hopeful that it will make carrying the canoe a fun and easy task. 

Merrimack Canoe Company. "Canoe Tips Carry" 2012. Merrimack Canoes. 2012 <>.

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