Sunday, May 18, 2014

Five Things to Do When Lost in the Wilderness

Lauren Himiak 


If you were lost in the woods , do you think you'd be able to survive on your own ? This article explains the 5 best things you can do to help improve your chances of surviving and getting rescued. 

In this article Lauren , Lauren ask the question "do you know what to do if you’re lost in the wilderness?". If your answer is no, she gives you 5 steps to help you survive. The 1st step is to signal for help. Find a big clearing, and use big branches or bright colors to signal SOS. The 2nd step is to build a fire. This will keep you warm and if you burn anything green it will attract attention because it gives off a thick white smoke. The 3rd step is to find shelter so you can be protected from the elements. Use anything you have like sleeping bags or garbage bags to protect yourself. The 4th step is to keep warm. Most people think that even during the summer , the temperature at night will still be warm, but the temperature can drop easily. Keep warm so you do't become hypothermic. The 5th step is to stay put. People are looking for you and it becomes harder if you keep moving. 

This article affects me and makes me think about how easily you can get loosed in the wilderness. During our camping trips, students can be careless sometimes and get distracted and therefore will get loosed. This article easily explains what to do in this kind of situation that could help students.

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