Monday, May 19, 2014

How to use a Rescue Signal Mirror

How to use a Rescue Signal Mirror
By: Allen Macartney

Rating: ***

                  Something so simple and cheap can greatly increase your chance of being rescued.
This article is a brief set of instructions on how to use a rescue signal mirror (professional quality or homemade) effectively in a survival situation. The author suggests buying a professional quality mirror because it easier to aim the light.  Typically in a professional quality mirror there is a hole in the middle with a grid over it to allow you to aim the light at your potential rescuer.   If you are using an item with a reflective surface you simply face the sun, hold the object just below your eyes, point towards your target and angle the light so it just goes over your finger.

                  This article has taught me that a professional grade rescue survival mirror is worth the purchase because it makes signaling rescue much easier.  Also it taught me the proper way to signal when using an object with a reflective surface.

Macartney, Allen. "How to use a Rescue Signal Mirror" Ottawa Outdoors. 19 May 2014 <!pastmagazines/c1diw>.

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