Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to survive a storm in the middle of the woods-Sarah Winker (outdoor resource)
Rating: ****

This article introduces a very common situation that happens all the time, thunderstorms. But now you are dealing with them in the open woods while camping. It then further on leads into how to avoid lighting in a safe manner.

It starts off by saying that before the trip takes place, you should plan ahead for any type of weather and prepare for it. You should then identify how close the thunder is to your campsite, and if you hear thunder, there is a great possibility you could be struck by lighting. If you're caught in a storm while on the water or hiking you should always try to find some type of shelter. Once you've found a spot, make yourself the lowest target (squat to the ground, your feet should be the only thing touching the ground if severe). Lastly, if you are with a group, dont huddle as a group if you're all touching eachother and one person gets struck, you all do.

I think that this article is great to read if you are planning an outdoor trip. It is always beneficial to be aware of any problems that may happen or occur. I srongly recommend anyone who is planning on going on a trip who may be exposed to lighting, to read this.


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