Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Camping Lesson Number One, Preparation is Key

Rating ***

This article discusses the importance of preparation whenever camping, and how coming prepared can mean the difference between a successful trip, or a failed one.

The first thing the author discusses is to ensure your car is ready to go so you aren't left stranded. Then the author moves onto ensuring you have whatever you need to cook food once you're there. This could include stoves, burners, ovens etc., as well as a fire starting kit. When packing, you should lay out everything you are bringing in front of you so that you can see everything you have and won't forget anything. The author stresses the importance of gear you need to bring in the case of rain, like tarps, jackets etc. The author's final point concerning preparation is that you have to book campsites ahead of time. This guarantees you a spot to sleep, and lets others know it's occupied. The last point is that you should show up to your campsite as early as possible to give you the most time to complete everything needed to be done.

I felt this was a good article, and I was able to pick up a few tips and tricks about camping. You're really able to get a feel about how important being properly prepared is for any outdoor experience. In some cases it could result in a good or a bad time, while in others it could be the difference between life and death. I got a feel for some of the more important things you need to be aware of, and I'll pay extra attention on my next trip. this wasn't the best written article, however it was informative and enjoyable to read.

Outdoor Adventure Canada. Camping Lesson Number One, Preparation is Key. Author Not Given. May 2014.

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