Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kodiak man survives brown bear bite in Alasaka

Kodiak man survives brown bear bite in Alasaka
Josh Wood

Rating: ***
A Kodiak man managed to survive a bear encounter triggered by his dog. During his walk near Swampy Creak, he and his dog spotted a  mother bear and it’s cubs about 20 feet away. The bear wasn’t going to approach them until the man’s dog tried getting closer to sniff the cubs. In an attempt to protect its cubs, the mother bear chased the dog back as it was running back to it’s owner. Immediately, the man rolled into a ball for protection and played dead. The bear only ended up biting his foot and leaving him after. And as for the dog, he was watching/barking while this was going on.

A story like this seems remarkably lucky to survive a situation like this without any life threatening injuries. If not for his dog, the man never would’ve came into that close encounter with the bear. To me, it’s surprising they could come into such close contact with a bear so easily. I suppose it’s just the area. Overall, I’m glad they didn’t decide to mark the bear for death as it wouldn’t have been justified since she was just trying to protect her cubs.

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