Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Close Call the Night of the Wolves

Rating: **

My Close Call the Night of the Wolves

            In this article, Bruce Watts describes one of the most frightening nights of his life. He was camping in the backwoods solo, trying to find peace in his hectic, stressful life. He talks about his hike up, and his beautiful view of the Algonquin Park sky. As the dusk drew out, he started hearing wolf calls, very close by. He talks about how amazing it was to have "front-row seats" for the howling. He hears some splashing in the lake, and doesn't worry until he realizes that it's a wolf. The wolf runs through his campsite and leaves. It takes him a while to calm down after the encounter.

            The article is very well written, with great attention to detail and description. The reason for the lower rating was the angle with which he told his story. He played it up as if the wolves were going to attack him, but he also mentions multiple times how wolves don't attack people and the like. The two angles he gives here are a survivor story and a message about generalization of wild animals These two angles that might have worked on their own, but the effect of the article is diminished because he did not stick to only one.

Watts, Bruce. "My Close Encounter the Night of the Wolves." Ottawa Outdoors Fall 2012: 18-19. Print.

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