Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Colour and Character of Autumn Leaves

Rating: ****

The Colour and Character of Autumn Leaves

            This article by Dave Brown talks not only about the beauty of the colour-changing leaves in Canada's autumn, but also the science behind it. He talks about the reason for the different colours in fall leaves, such as red, yellow, and brown. Also, he explains that the simple "they have no chlorophyll" doesn't cut it.

            This article does what it wants to very well. It clearly explains why the leaves change colour, and gives an excellent insight into one of the most beautiful sights of all. Most of the information given in this article, I did not know prior to reading it. I gave a high rating because the article not only gives great information, but also has great description. A reader can truly tell that Brown has a passion for the leaf colour change.

Brown, Dave. "The Colour and Character of Autumn Leaves." Ottawa Outdoors Fall 2012: 14. Print.

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