Thursday, May 29, 2014

My mind-shifting Everest swim

Lewis Pugh


A cold water swimmer who swam in the freezing waters of the north pole, decides to conquer another cold water swim to raise awareness for climate change.. This time though , as he tries to conquer a swim on Mount Everest, he learns new lessons on how to approach climate change and life.  

Lewis Pugh completed a swim in the North Pole to raise awareness for climate change in 2007. He said that the 18 minutes he was in the water felt like 18 days because it was so cold. He also said that he wouldn't do anything like that again. In 2010 an issue with melting glaciers in the Himalayas caused him to take on another cold swim at Lake Pumori to raise awareness of climate change. When Lewis and his team were ready for the swim , Lewis jumped in the water and quickly realized that he was in trouble. He soon then began to choke, vomit and drown. Lewis , somehow able to get to the side of the lake was quickly rushed down the hill to the campsite. After speaking with his team who told him this time to swim slowly and use the breast stroke technique, Lewis quickly forgot about all his training and other swims and was able to swim the 1km long lake. He came to a new realization in that " Just because something has worked in the past so well, doesn't mean it will in the future". He used this new lesson to conquer his swim and also it applies to climate change. 

This Ted Talk is very interesting and has made me think about climate change and the small changes that we can and should take to make the earth a better place.

"Lewis Pugh: My mind-shifting Everest swim TED: Ideas worth Spreading. July 2010.

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